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Thanks for stopping by!     
We've been high, low, and everywhere in between over the past year as we explored some new towns and kept refining and defining our sound.  It's the road and our interactions with you that help define our tunes!  What's our sound, you ask?  We call it Cosmic Country.  It's deep rooted in country tradition, Southern Rock, and Outlaw Country, all with a present day twist and flavor.  "Mountain Town", released in August 2015, shows the breadth of our musical influences.   Check it out on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and many other sites.  Pick up a copy at one of our shows!

We continue to tour in support of "Mountain Town", and frankly, we just love to play for all of you.  A new bus (well, at least to us!) is helping us down the Highways, and we're sure to be near you sometime soon!  Make sure to sign up on the mailing list, so you can know when we’re coming to your neck of the woods, and “like” us on Facebook to receive all album release information, including iTunes sales.

Also, holler at us if there’s a special spot or fest near you that needs a dose of Cosmic Country—we don’t shy away from a little driving.
See you on the road…



Tumbleweed Highway's newest release, "Mountain Town". Get it here! Also available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3, and many others!

We're Back In The Studio Again!

We're back in the studio at ATS Studios in Norwich, NY.     We've got the bass and drums done and have moved on to the guitars.   This album has a great feel already.   Put on your seat belts, because we're heading out on the Tumbleweed Highway! 

Premier Video Release - Mountain Town

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