Thanks For Stoppin' By!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! It’s been a good year—busy for all of us here in Tumbleweed Highway.
We've been high, low, and everywhere in between over the past year as we explored some new towns and kept refining and defining our sound.  It's the road and our interactions with you that help define our tunes!  We managed to squeeze in time at ATS Studios to lay down some tracks for our second album, "Mountain Town", released in August, 2015.  It's killer (if we must say so ourselves)!

We are excited to be out touring in support of what we think is our best album yet.  Make sure to sign up on the mailing list, so you can know when we’re coming to your neck of the woods, and “like” us on Facebook to receive all album release information, including iTunes sales.

Also, holler at us if there’s a special spot or fest near you that needs a dose of rocking Outlaw Country and Southern Rock—we don’t shy away from a little driving.
See you on the road…



Tumbleweed Highway's newest release, "Mountain Town". Get it here!

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Tales From The Road

Our fans are the best! 

We have had a great run of shows over the past few weeks.  The band is really happy with how the music is gelling - and we're having a blast!   We feed off of all of you at our shows.  If you're having a good time, so are we!  It gives us energy and sets our creative juices in motion.  We love those juices... and the motion!

We appreciate you supporting live, original music.   Rock and Roll 'aint dead, man!  It's right here in front of you naked, steaming eyes!   It's dead when people stop supporting the live shows - so let's not let that happen!!

You are so important to us!   Thank you, People of the Highway Nation, for the love and support!


Tumbleweed Highway


Summer's Heating Up! 

We're loving the heat that summer is finally bringing.  We kicked up the heat a bit ourselves!  Please join us in welcoming two cats that are great additions to the Tumbleweed Highway family:  Mark Brown on Keys and Dan Colon on Bass!  Trust us - you're not going to want to miss these guys!

Things are really gelling for the band right now.  The new album is done.   It's worth the wait!  We'll keep you updated as we hear more about the final release date.  We've been in our studio rehearsing some new tunes and preparing for this summer's shows.   We have some new venues we're playing this year, and word had it that some southern states may have a visit from the boys this year....

We hope to see you on the road!

- Tumbleweed Highway

Festival Season is HERE! 

We're anxious to get the festival season going!  It starts this weekend with the Sterling Folk Festival where we are playing twice on Saturday, May 23 -  at 7:10 and 9:10 PM, surrounded by some other great bands!  Sunday has us heading to the Southern Tier of New York for the Big Splash Festival at the Tioga Fairgrounds in Owego NY.  We love this time of year because we really love playing outdoors to crowds that love kick ass music!

We've got some great things in store for you all this year!  New tunes, new antics in store for the shows.... It's going to be fun!  In fact, this is shaping up to be the best yet.

See you on the Tumbleweed Highway!


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