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Tumbleweed Highway is a band deep routed in Americana Rock-n-Roll tradition, bringing a wall of sound to you filled with mesmerizing guitars, pedal steel, swelling harmonies and a rhythm section that will keep you moving whether you're in the car, home, or better yet, seeing them live! 

Hey YOU!  Yeah, you, playing the air drums on the steering wheel.  I bet you're listening to Tumbleweed Highway, aren't you?!

We love the road, playing for y'all.   Admittedly, we do it for us too.  It's fun, it's satisfying, it's our "high".   We like throwing some surprises in to our live sets with some tunes you may find familiar.   You may hear hints of Led Zeppelin, Waylon, The Allman Brothers, and many more.   If you have a place you'd like us to play, contact us and let us know!

"Mountain Town", released in August 2015, shows the breadth of our musical influences.   Check it out on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and many other sites.  Pick up a copy at one of our shows!  We are due to release our third album in the summer of 2016.     Many of the tunes on this third release have gone over really well with you all live!

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Tumbleweed Highway's newest release, "Mountain Town". Get it here! Also available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3, and many others!

We're Back In The Studio Again!

We're back in the studio at ATS Studios in Norwich, NY.     We've got the bass and drums done and have moved on to the guitars.   This album has a great feel already.   Put on your seat belts, because we're heading out on the Tumbleweed Highway! 

Premier Video Release - Mountain Town

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